The Coffee Trust is a non-profit organization that works with coffee farmers to help them overcome deep poverty.

Coffee grows on some of the world’s richest lands – much of it farmlands that provide food for people.  Several generations ago, cash for coffee lured farmers away from their sustainable lifestyle and replaced their capacity to grow their own food.  Their ancient knowledge of agriculture, passed down from farmer to farmer, was lost. Dependent almost entirely on coffee, farmers have become vulnerable to common volatile price fluctuations of the coffee economy, as well as droughts, fungus and other natural disasters. The effect has been devastating to many coffee farming families.

The Coffee Trust work with farmers to organize themselves and carve out their own future based upon their own priorities, values and cultures.

We support health, education, food sovereignty and alternative income projects so coffee farming families can thrive and be less dependent on coffee as their main source of income.  Our programs grow and expand by passing on knowledge from farmer to farmer – a grassroots rather than top down approach. The Coffee Trust works side by side with coffee farmers helping them to recapture their ancient knowledge, regain their self-sufficiency and prosper at home with their families and their farms.



Learn more here about this exciting new roaster-to-roaster fundraising effort uniting specialty coffee roasters, retailers and customers throughout the country in the effort to stop the spread of coffee rust, recover coffee production and help coffee farmers feed their families.